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For the past 20 years I’ve heard your concerns as parents, business owners, immigrants, college students, generational Burlingtonians, and chosen Burlingtonians.


As your Mayor, I’ll continue to listen. To move our City forward we need to consider all viewpoints and ideas - whether they are progressive, conservative, or anything in between. No one has a monopoly on good ideas. The successful path forward will require open-mindedness, careful listening, and rational, evidence-based decision-making - in the interest of Burlington and not for the purpose of serving blind ideology.  


Please know this - and those who know me do - we may not always agree, but you will know where I stand and why. 


I love Burlington and I know we can do better.  With your help, I will lead the way for a better Burlington. I hope you’ll join team Joan For Mayor and our movement.

All Hands on Deck! 

Bring Your Hands on Deck

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