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Burlington Firefighters 

The Burlington Fire Fighters Association Endorses Joan Shannon for Mayor

The members of the Burlington Fire Fighters Association (BFFA) are proud to endorse Joan Shannon in her campaign to be Burlington’s next mayor. While Burlington is fortunate to see many candidates entering this race and hoping to lead the City, the BFFA believes that Joan’s pragmatic approach to problem solving is precisely what the City needs right now and that Joan is the right choice to lead the City forward at this pivotal moment.

BFFA members recognize the importance of public safety and have witnessed the City’s rapidly changing landscape first-hand. For too long, our members have been experiencing the effects of political decisions that have left our members fatigued, operating in hostile situations, and questioning their continued employment with the Burlington Fire Department. Our members appreciate that when we raised concerns about reducing police staffing in 2020, Joan took the time to engage with us regarding our concerns. While all parties will agree we are here now, and what was done cannot be retroactively changed, we support Joan’s plan of combining support for those in need with holding those who refuse to follow the rules accountable. We believe this two-pronged approach has been avoided by many on the council and in state government, but it is one we feel will turn the tide and improve public safety and the safety of our members. Furthermore, Joan recognizes that no single agency can address the needs of our changing community alone and that it is through partnerships and dynamic and adaptive systems that real change can be achieved. On October 10th, Joan demonstrated this commitment through her vote to support the Burlington Fire Department’s Community Response Team (CRT) and allow for a more specialized response for those in our community experiencing the effects of substance use and homelessness.

The men and women of the BFFA have long appreciated that during her long tenure as a City Councilor, Joan has been a consistent voice of reason in Contois Auditorium, and we respect her ability to stand her ground, even when it may not be the most popular decision. In our working relationship, we understand that while we may not always agree on an issue, we know where she stands and are confident that our relationship remains steadfast despite the disagreement. Her ability to respectfully disagree and not allow for a dispute to sour a working relationship is one we firmly believe is needed now more than ever in Burlington, as there is a lot of important work to be done.

We also appreciate that Joan cares about the workers of the City and understands that while many may not live in Burlington, it is this group who keep the lights on, water running, roads plowed, respond to emergencies, and keep Burlington safe and clean. Joan understands that the last few years have been hard on all City employees and that a happy and safe workforce is a must to keep Burlington running. We are confident that Joan will work with the four labor unions to reduce turnover, attract skilled and knowledgeable applicants, and ensure that Burlingtonians are served by public servants who are highly trained and properly equipped to get the job done.

The BFFA is proud to be joining many others in endorsing Joan Shannon for Mayor of Burlington, and we urge all voters to vote for Joan, who will, like our members, serve and protect the Queen City to ensure the future of Burlington is bright.

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