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To ensure our campaign is successful, I will need to reach thousands of Burlingtonians. To do that I need your help. Below I have included some messages we want to get out to people across the city - whether on Front Porch Forum or on social media. 

I hope I can count on you to post on Front Porch Forum or social media on my behalf. You can use the post below, make your own posting, or edit the words below to fit your message on why you are supporting our All Hands on Deck campaign.


Thank you for taking action,

Joan Shannon


Post One: 

We will be having a Democratic Caucus on December 10 to select our Mayoral Candidate for the election in March.   Any registered Burlington voter can participate in the caucus (if you did not participate in the Progressive Caucus).  We don’t register with political parties in Vermont and the caucus is open to all. 


Joan has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our community's safety.  She never supported defunding the police and adamantly spoke up and fought against it.  She actively worked against the Progressive Charter Change regarding police oversight that would have further undermined our ability to retain and recruit officers.  Because of this, and many other reasons, both the Burlington Firefighters Association and the Burlington Police Officers Association have endorsed Joan for Mayor in advance of the caucus.


In addition, Joan has been highly effective in managing past City crises such as the Burlington Telecom debacle that was finally resolved in 2019.  

Joan has been a steady, reliable leader for Burlington and after 20 years on the Council, I am thrilled that she is running for Mayor!  


Please let me know if you have any questions about her candidacy or if you would like to join me in working for the campaign.  Joan has a proven track record and I value her commitment to making Burlington a safe, affordable, and desirable place to live and work.  


Joan has been a thoughtful, intelligent leader who has my trust. I will be supporting Joan Shannon for Mayor.  You can register for the caucus at this link:

Post Two:


I was pleased to learn that both the Burlington Firefighters Association and the Burlington Police Officers Association have endorsed Joan Shannon for Mayor. Their appreciation of her refusal to arbitrarily limit officer staffing, and “her consistent and thoughtful approach to governance and leadership” is shared by so many of us. 


I hope that you’ll join me in supporting Joan in her “All Hands on Deck Campaign” and in your vote for her at the Democratic Caucus on December 10. We are so fortunate to have such a gifted candidate willing to serve! 


You can register for the caucus at this link

Post Three: 


I'm voting for Joan Shannon in the Democratic Caucus, on Sunday, December 10th.  Joan is the best choice for Burlington's next Mayor and has been endorsed by both the Burlington Firefighters Association and the Burlington Police Officers Association.

Joan has served us well in her 20 years on the Burlington City Council. She is wise and thoughtful, and her voting record demonstrates careful consideration of what is best for Burlingtonians.  She has a strong sense of our community which her Council work has demonstrated, and which is reflected in her call for “All Hands on Deck”.  Together we can address our shared concerns for public safety, homelessness, mental health, and our public image as a city where all can feel welcome and enjoy our lakefront, parks, and other shared spaces.

As many express concerns for public safety today, it is important to recognize the error of our City Council in drastically reducing the size of the Burlington Police Department.  Joan provided leadership and pragmatism when the majority were acting emotionally with misguided but good intentions.   Joan is the only candidate who voted against slashing the police force and vocally spoke against the action.  She recognized that no organization can correct itself without financial support and adequate personnel.  Decisions have consequences. Thus, along with Councilors Chip Mason and Ali Deng, Joan voted against the proposed reduction in force.  


I trust Joan to be a steady, courageous, and practical leader as Mayor of Burlington.  Please learn more and register for the caucus here:

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