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When I set sail on our campaign for mayor I knew I couldn’t do it alone. It has required a team with a shared mission of progress, one that is willing to make calls, knock on their neighbor's doors, and tell friends about the campaign.

I hope I can count on you to post on Front Porch Forum or social media on my behalf. You can use the post below, make your own post, or edit the words below to fit your message on why you are supporting our All Hands on Deck campaign.


Thank you for taking action,

Joan Shannon

Share with your networks on FPF or social media: 


Our city is facing many challenges, public safety being at the top of the list.  Our next mayor needs to have a proven track record of working with our first responders, and only one candidate is endorsed by both the Burlington Firefighters Association and the Burlington Police Officers Association.


Joan's is endorsed by a long list of city leaders, business owners, former police commissioners, city councilors (both past and present), and residents across many diverse sectors of our city.  Here are just a few of them:

Burlington Firefighters Association (Union)

Burlington Police Officers Association (Union)

Pat Robins - Church St. Marketplace founder

Eileen Blackwood - Former City Attorney

Asah Lauren – BTV Stolen Bike Recovery Team co-Leader

Mark Barlow – Independent City Councilor

Michelle Asch – Former Police Commissioner

Andy Montroll, Former - City Councilor and Council President

Tiki Archambeau, Former Progressive Party Chair

Jane Knodell, Former – Progressive City Councilor and Council President

Al Gobeille – Former VT Secretary of Agency of Human Services

Dave Hartnett – Former Democratic City Councilor

Maea Brandt – Former Democratic City Councilor

Ed Adrian – Former Democratic City Councilor

Alganesh Michael – A Taste of Abyssinia

Bonnie Acker

Desta Takele

Kevin Garrison Jr.

Joyce Hagan

Jonathan Farrell…..   and about 100 others!!


And you can add ME to this list!  Go Joan!

See all her endorsements here:

You can add your name here:

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