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Miro Weinberger

I am excited and proud to endorse Joan Shannon for Mayor.

Joan is a dedicated leader who has demonstrated her steadfast commitment to the people of Burlington for over 20 years on City Council. I volunteered on her first campaign for City Council in 2003.  She is as committed today to doing hard work, listening to her constituents, and standing up for what is right as she was when she asked her neighbors to sign her ballot petition as a first-time candidate.

In some of Burlington's toughest moments, I have turned to Joan because she is clear-eyed, strong, and always prioritizes Burlingtonians. Even when our views have differed – and they have! – we have worked together with mutual respect and a shared commitment to our constituents. 

Over the past 12 years, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with Joan to advance some of the most important and impactful policies of my administration, like resolving the Burlington Telecom crisis and restoring the City's financial strength, transforming zoning in a South End parking lot to allow a new neighborhood, upgrading the whole Bike Path, partnering with local leaders to build Cambrian Rise and conserve 12 acres of public land, advance CityPlace, and revive the northern waterfront.

In this critical moment for our city, I am confident that Joan Shannon is the leader we need. I look forward to seeing her continue to defend and improve the community.

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