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All Four Unions Representing City Employees Endorse Joan Shannon for Mayor

AFSCME Local 1343 and IBEW Local 300 join Fire, Police Unions in backing Democrat, Joan Shannon

Burlington, Vt. – Burlington’s AFSCME Local 1343 (Council 93) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 300 have endorsed Democrat Joan Shannon for Mayor of Burlington. The AFSCME and IBEW endorsements follow prior endorsements from the Fire Union and Police Unions in December. These 4 unions represent ALL of the unionized workers employed by the City of Burlington.  To have the support of all 4 City unions signals the shared belief of City workers that Joan is the clear choice to effectively lead Burlington forward.

Jeffrey Wimette of IBEW said in a statement: “The members of the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers (IBEW) are proud to endorse Joan Shannon for Mayor of Burlington. During our endorsement process, we were impressed by Joan’s commitment to public safety and public health, making Burlington more affordable for working families, and looking towards the future with Burlington’s energy efficiency and sustainability. Joan is committed to the values and priorities of our organization and Burlington community.”

Damion Gilbert of AFSCME shared in a written statement: “We trust Joan to make fair decisions as the leader of this City. We look forward to working with her as Mayor. We appreciate her approach and her attention to questions we have asked as a union.”

In a joint endorsement statement, Kyle Blake of the Firefighters’ Association and Joe Corrow of the Police Officers’ Association remarked: "Joan Shannon is the leader Burlington needs while facing this unprecedented public safety and health crisis. A vote for Joan is a vote for public safety. As the first responders to the current public safety and health crisis, our members understand the real and serious issues Burlington faces. This is why our members overwhelmingly have endorsed Joan Shannon for Mayor. We hope that voters will support Joan and ensure that public safety is once again a top priority in Burlington.  We are confident she is the right woman for the job.”

AFSCME Local 1343 represents more than 200 workers across the City who provide services to the community in City parks, plowing, water plants, building maintenance, emergency dispatch, and more. These workers have stepped up to serve in all sorts of ways, including on the front lines of our mental health and drug crises even though that is not what they signed up for.

IBEW Local 300 was founded in 1939. It includes more than 1200 members across Vermont, including the Burlington Electric Department. Its members are critical to all the new investments in renewable infrastructure and community resiliency in Burlington and across the State. IBEW workers helped make Burlington the first 100 percent renewable city in the United States.

Joan Shannon shared words of appreciation in a statement: “I am so grateful that all four of our City’s unions are joining our All Hands On Deck team. I know that all of you have real insight as to what our City needs in leadership. It is for this reason that your endorsements are deeply meaningful to me. All of you represent the heartbeat of our City. I am steadfast in my belief that by working collaboratively, leveraging our collective expertise, we can surmount obstacles and usher in a brighter future for Burlington.”

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