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All Hands on Deck

Watch our first campaign video - All Hands on Deck!

Full Video Text: My name is Joan Shannon, and I’m running for Mayor of Burlington. 

In 1985, I moved into an attic on Hungerford Terrace. I was a college student here for a summer job, and my sister, a UVM student, set me up with a summer sublet. My plan was to go back to school in Pennsylvania, but I fell in love with Burlington’s beauty, the lake, and the enthusiasm of Burlingtonians. I then rearranged my life to make Burlington my forever home.

I’ve lived in college student neighborhoods, I’ve lived on North Street, I’ve lived in the old North End, and in 1995, I landed permanently in the Lakeside mill neighborhood where my husband Ken and I raised our daughter Julia and a revolving door of rescue dogs. 

There isn’t a neighborhood in Burlington I don’t care deeply about.

During my 20 years as a City Councilor, I’ve had countless conversations. I’ve heard your concerns as parents, business owners, immigrants, college students, generational Burlingtonians, and chosen Burlingtonians like myself. 

As your Mayor, my top priority is to listen. Because to move our City forward, we need to be open to all viewpoints — no one has a monopoly on good ideas.

I’m running for Mayor, because I believe we need the courage and leadership to make hard decisions on the path to success. I’ve been tested. I’ve stood against strong political winds. I know I have what it takes to make tough calls in Burlington’s best interest. 

Please know this - while we may not always agree, you’ll always know where I stand - and why. 

I love Burlington, I’m inspired by Burlingtonians and I know we can do better. Together, we will lead the way for a better Burlington. In this effort, I invite you to join our team, Joan For Mayor, and our movement… 

All hands on deck!

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