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Burlington's Police and Fire Unions Endorse Joan for Mayor

Burlington's Fire and Police unions shared their ringing endorsement for one of the candidates.

Burlington's South End City Councilor Joan Shannon received their backing at a news conference Wednesday.

First responders shared their reasonings for endorsing Shannon, saying they remember how she engaged with their concerns when there were questions about reducing staff in 2020.

They said they respect her collaborative approach and ability to hold those who don't follow the rules accountable.

“Joan understands that leadership means making tough, and at times unpopular decisions, but doing so with the knowledge and foresight required to safeguard the interests of all in our Community,” said BPOA President Joe Corrow. “BPOA endorses Joan as the only candidate that has supported the Burlington Police Department and its officers.”

Ultimately, they believe in her current vision to improve public safety in the city, which Shannon has said is her number one concern to address.

“We must create a strong public expectation of safety throughout the city for all our residents, local businesses, service providers, and for each other," Shannon said. "Our collective security and economic future depends on getting it right."

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