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Negative Campaigning

Over the course of the campaign, our team has been subject to persistent misrepresentation, sign stealing, and sometimes even lies. There are those who would rather try to divide our community than focus on a positive campaign. I have been adamant that our campaign will not engage in negative attacks. 

I have heard repeated accusations that my “plan” is to incarcerate people who are homeless.  ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE! I believe that criminals who are victimizing other people, like we see happening in Decker Towers, should be incarcerated. They should not continue to be housed where they can victimize innocent vulnerable residents. People who are homeless deserve our compassion and help. If you want to read more about my housing plan you will see it mentions incarceration twice….only to say people coming OUT of incarceration need more support to be successful.  If you’re unsure of my position please read my plan here:

It will be hard to call out all of the lies, misinformation, and misrepresentations that has been put out there. However, in the last few days of this campaign, I want to try my best to push back against this negativity with a message of compassion and support for Burlingtonians. 

My ask of you is this: if you see or hear these negative misrepresentations, please push back and use my platform and this statement as evidence. Incarceration is not a housing solution. If you are able, please share a message of support on your local Front Porch Forum. Our team has drafted something you can use, but please also feel free to edit it however you see fit. 


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