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Press Release: Joan for Mayor Campaign Receives Over $50,000 in Support within First Two Weeks

Burlington, VT. – Joan Shannon's bid for mayor has gained remarkable momentum in a mere two weeks since the campaign's launch, with an outpouring of support totaling over $50,000 raised through 270 individual contributions.

The overwhelming response underscores the resonance of Joan Shannon's vision for our city, drawing in a diverse and enthusiastic group of supporters eager to rally behind her leadership. These generous contributions signal a groundswell of grassroots support for Joan's candidacy, emphasizing her widespread appeal and the community’s depth of confidence in her ability to lead.

"I have truly been overwhelmed by the amount of support there has been for our campaign in the first two weeks." Joan Shannon expressed. "The generosity and belief in our vision for a stronger, more vibrant city is palpable. As I said two weeks ago on the steps of city hall, this is an All Hands on Deck moment and it will take all of us together to solve the issues Burlington faces. I am deeply grateful for the trust placed in me by residents of this city and I look forward to bringing this campaign to every street in Burlington!"

The breadth of the contributions received reflects a broad base of support from residents across our community, showcasing Joan Shannon's ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds.

This significant fundraising achievement will empower Joan Shannon's campaign to amplify their outreach efforts, engage with more neighbors, and further spread her message in the lead-up to the December 10th Democratic Caucus. The campaign team extends heartfelt gratitude to all the donors and supporters who have propelled this effort forward. 

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