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I announced my candidacy for Mayor because I believe we can make Burlington the most livable, equitable, and vibrant city in America.  As a community, we have the human resources, the natural resources, and the will to accomplish this vision.

Burlington is suffering from national trends that are exacerbated by a diminished police force and lack of adequate social services, both of which tear at the social and economic fabric of our community.  But with every challenge comes great opportunity for new systems and a new vision.  Together we will rise to these challenges!

Public Safety

Our Shared Goal:  A vibrant, safe community where diverse opinions, cultures, and backgrounds are valued.  A community where the most vulnerable residents are truly seen, and programs and policies work to address their needs equitably.  Our community should be one where residents, workers, students and visitors alike can enjoy the best of Burlington without fear or concern for their safety.


Our Shared Goal: Housing and affordability has been a problem in Burlington for decades, but its intensity has dramatically increased post-pandemic. If we want to have a healthy and inclusive community, we need more of all forms of housing for people in all stages of life. Some people need supervised housing on their way to recovery, while others need supportive housing as they transition from intensive treatment to independence.


Our Shared Goal: As a community, we have a universal value for our lake, our environment, and our planet. We need to continue to find opportunities to address climate change, keep our lake clean, and to stay ahead of best practices and new technology. Implementation should be both aggressive and sensitive to community needs and financial capacity. I support our Net Zero Energy Roadmap and Burlington’s continued leadership on climate action.  

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